“Iminah Kani is a killer guitarist and she’s a woman and she’s really young, too,” gushed “La China” in a phone interview with the Straight. “She’s a protégé of [Victoria flamenco guitarist] Gareth Owen.”” - Charlie Smith

The Georgia Straight News

Born to musician parents and raised on Canada's eccentric Salt Spring Island, Iminah Kani was destined for an artistic life of music. Her father, bassist/composer Sean 'Sirbassa' Hill, plays in Big Bass Theory and used to be in reggae band The Cultivators, even mentoring under Jamaican legend Yabby You. Iminah's mother, percussionist Yasmine who also played in Big Bass Theory, was born in Kuwait and raised in Egypt, before immigrating to France, then finally settling in Canada.

In 2016, Iminah moved to the city of Victoria BC to pursue music full-time, touring around BC and Alberta, as well as becoming a music teacher. In 2018, Iminah Kani begun studying the art of flamenco guitar with local phenom flamenco guitarist Gareth Owen. Since then she’s gone on to perform at the 2019, 2021 and 2023 Victoria Flamenco Festivals as well as the 2021 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival. Iminah Kani has received two scholarships from the Flamenco de la Isla Society and has been featured in an article by The Georgia Straight News for her flamenco achievements.

Iminah Kani uses the guitar as a vehicle to express a unique sonic language. As a student of Flamenco Guitar with Andalusian ancestry, she blends this tradition with various genres, such as guitarra peruana, cumbia and finger style guitar, creating layered guitar sounds and experimental soundscapes.

Iminah Kani and Gareth Owen at the Victoria Flamenco Festival | 2023 | Photo by Tony Austin