November 2017 

Hello fellow friends, family, community and creators. Here's a recent update of my musical findings and creations. 

At the moment I've embarked on a sound journey. I'm in the process of compiling an album together. I've had so many different concepts and ideas for what I want to record and create. It's really been a process! The more time passes, the more I am aware of what I want to create and share with my self and the world. As of the past months, I've been deeply enjoying flamenco guitar, the voyage that the music takes you on and the depth of emotion. Each time I play the guitar, a new journey emits it's self in to the unknown of the moment. Sometimes the story is an old one retelling it's self, sometimes it's completely new, revealing the moment. Allowing the self to feel the Divine connection to musical expression is a key element to my creative process, as well as understanding the uplifting quality of music. Entering in to the heart space. What a joy! 

Quite recently I purchased my self a classical guitar, it felt right and I connected with her as soon as I saw her. Since then we've been creating and many new discoveries and songs have been born. One of the first songs born is a song entitled The Wind. After creating this song, I performed it as well as others at a show on Saltspring Island last month, it was a wonderful time! After this I started the process of recording it as well..! Recording is always enjoyable and can be equally frustrating, filled with the magical world of synthesized sounds, allowing a plethora of possibilities to bloom. I envision to release this first song off the album in the near future, as well as a music video. Finally (over some time) the title and concept of the album have been put in to fruition. The album I envision to release sometime next year is entitled Papillon (the word papillon means butterfly in french). The butterfly speaks truth to me, in its transformation, freedom and light quality. Lastly I'd like to share a poem I wrote the other day inspired by Papillon. So I thank you all for tuning in and I hope to keep updating my musical journey as it continues!


Like a butterfly she dances, the wind sings her name 

Once a child roaming the earth, now a mother soaring in the skies 

Who am I? Transformation 

For I breathe in this eternal moment 

Letting the stars guide our heart 

And the rain soothe our soul 

We play, together in Union, Woman and Man, Child and Elder 

Laughter in the forest.